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Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Donald Trump Media War Focus

The first war that President Trump has declared is a war against the news media. - CNN

Even after winning the presidential election, Donald Trump is still at war with the so called "corporate" media. This simply means the media is actually  the effective weapon to dominate and sustain power.

No wonder Steve Bannon (Breitbart) has been hired as assistant to the President and White House chief strategist in the Trump administration.  Perhaps this is why some are simply saying:

 Donald Trump is a media organization - Columbia Journalism Review.

Some observers suggested the move to block some organisations from the Friday briefing was an attempt to distract the public from controversial stories. On Saturday, the Trump administration faced new reports regarding its efforts to downplay what intelligence agencies believe to be communications between campaign staff and Russian intelligence.

Opposing the mainstream media plays well with Trump’s base. Rob Mahoney, deputy executive director of the CPJ, a nonprofit that promotes press freedom worldwide said it also serves the administration’s aim to protect itself against legitimate criticism. -  Guardian

Donald Trump is smarter than you think

This is the real reason of him winning the US presidential election.  Those who think he is still a joke have made terrible mistakes.  Donald Trump is always a playmaker. He can play against the 'corporate media' by simply outplaying them.
He just need to win the millions of 'unseen' audience.

This 'play' has actually made Donald Trump a super salesman with super attention and coverage.

According to a psychological analysis from the University of British Columbia,
style, not substance, accounts for Donald Trump's U.S. Republican presidential nomination.

Psychology researchers at the university compared Trump's speech style and Twitter usage to that of the other top nine Republican contenders. The real-estate mogul and reality star consistently ranked highest in ratings of grandiosity, "I"-statements, informal language, vocal pitch variation, and use of Twitter  -

Estimates by the analysis firm Quant of “earned media” – all coverage that isn’t paid advertising – in the US in January showed that Trump was not just the centre of attention: he received more coverage than the next 1,000 most-covered people combined. That’s all the Kardashians, Biebers, sports stars and politicians you’ve ever heard of. - Irishtimes

Trump exploited the public’s existing distrust of media and sought to strip news outlets like CNN and The New York Times of all legitimacy. He targeted journalists like Fox’s Megyn Kelly and NBC’s Katy Tur. He even withheld press credentials from newsrooms like The Washington Post. Toward the end of the campaign, he claimed the “corporate media” was part of a massive conspiracy to block him from the White House.   - CNN

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