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Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Imam Khomeini Advice On Journalistic Priorities

This was an advice to media managers from Imam Khomeini as printed on Iran Kayhan International newspaper in 1985 - long before the era of the internet. Perhaps it is about time to share this to the whole world as the media today is mostly engineered to serve its masters.

The late Khomeini was a master in mass uprising in his time.

Some of the interesting points in this advice are:

1) Publishing focus, priorities and relevancy
2) The press belong to all the people - not just political leaders
3) Criticism must not violate ethics
4) Press should be a center for people to benefit from.
5) People should be educated by the news
6) Avoid useless repetition
7) News should be prepared in a manner that it can be useful
8) The real intention of publishing a piece (should be to improve the society).

Imam Khomeini Offers Advice On Journalistic Priorities

Tehran (Kayhan International) - On Sept 1 1985 - The managers of Tehran's three most important dailies met with Imam Khomeini (ie Kayhan, Ettela 'at. Jumhuri- Eslami).

In this meeting. the Imam made some important statements with regard to the Media. The following is the text of the Imams address.

(Please refer to the scanned images)

A typical press coverage in 1985.

Khomeini's wise sayings:

1) That pen is worthwhile which awakens the masses. 

2) Your great responsibility today is the pen in your hand.