Sun Tzu - Art of War

''Be extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness. Be extremely mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness" - Sun Tzu

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Paris Attacks, Intellectual Terrorism Attack and 1MDB Terrorism

The way the mainstream media is covering the Paris attacks will create 'excuses' to invade everybody's privacy and capture one's mind and personality.

This is an  intellectual terrorism which is far more deadly and has unprecedented consequences.

It will create more casualties - not just dead bodies - but millions of 'healthy' bodies with useless thinking facilities!

Coercive engineered immigration, intellectual terrorism, and corporate financial terrorism are the top three reasons behind the Paris attack. - Real Agenda

The TPPA Terrorism

Sorry folks! TPPA is just another 'license to kill'. It is a Corporate Financial Terrorism in disguise to protect the selected few who wish to control and dominate.

"If adopted, the (TPPA) rules will delay generic and biosimilar competition, making the medicines upon which people depend to stay alive expensive  for longer and, as a consequence, unobtainable." - RT TPP Wikileak

"Corporate Financial Terrorism is brought upon poor nations via globalization and so-called Free Trade Agreements that only result in more poverty and dependency." - Real Agenda

The 1MDB Terrorism

The 1MDB scandal is actually a Corporate Financial Terrorism moving 'illegal' money in many directions to avoid detection.

It is unfortunate that some so called 'intelligent' bloggers have also become terrorists firing misinformation. This is an intellectual crime much worse than disabling innocent people via land mines.

It is beyond doubt we are being ruled via deception. Deceiving information and threats to investigative journalism will create a country with crap intellectualism.

This is an outright war against intellectualism by Malaysia’s ‘terrorist’ regime.