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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Google and Motorola Mobility - Purely Genius or Simply Disaster?

The answer can be found through the the following clues:

Conceptually - Google is a 'middle man'  technology company
whose business is about connecting something with something using something
with superior quality and speed.

eg connecting 'billions of human' to 'massive amount of information' using 'sophisticated' technology
    in the fastest way (and as accurate as) possible.

In other words Google is a 'medium' technology company which
aims to become a  useful tool (eg Search/Email/Ads) and destination (eg Youtube).

As such it will always evolve to become the most sought-after and dependable content delivery company.

Google success will depend on speed, accuracy and style (like Apple) of
delivering (or connecting) those hungry users with the desired information.

Motorola has produced some innovative things with style in its history.
Perhaps Motorola compression patent  is the 'most-wanted' in Motorola
innovation because wireless is an expensive medium. Or Motorola CPU
and chips experience inside flying GUI Apples. It is not just the  invaluable
patents that Google is after - it is the speed and quality  factor!

To achieve ultra speed user experience - the Android OS alone is insufficient:
Remember thats why Apple chose Motorola for those old Macs!

To summarize:
Google will acquire more company in the future - especially those 
that have anything to do with  the media content, media delivery  and media connection.