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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Datuk T and Stupid Sex Video Crap Propaganda

If you are sick of hearing all the crap from the crony media
- then you are not alone.

Don't be like some so called 'loyar burok' who always act
with full lawlessness:

"KITA teguk benda mabuk tu dulu.... KITA tengok blue dulu"

The police can always check with Telcos of anyone's
location at the stated time (using mobile phone signal).
That's why the law for all mobile phone must be registered.

Yes - can check Datuk T, Anwar or whoever wherever.
No need to beat around the bush with bullshit!
It is a simple technology where Telco can 'see'
anyone anywhere.

Just Google for 'phone locator technology SS7':

You may get the Network World Magazine (Mar 2, 1998)
article : Telcos tussle with feds over surveillance

Stop Stupid Crap Please

Mobile Positioning and SS7 is a standard which glue things together.

- SS7 made Mobile Positioning easier.
- Every call in every network is dependent on SS7

AT&T developed SS7/C7 in 1975, and the International Telegraph and Telephone Consultative Committee (CCITT)
[109] adopted it in 1980 as a worldwide standard.
- Refer: Cisco: Role of SS7 :

It shows how stupid the so called 'One-Malaysia'
which claimed to be championing MSC (Multimedia Super Corridor).

Mobile phones are like little networked computers with built in
locator device with SIM identification.

From: Cisco: Role of SS7 :

    Each time a cellular phone is powered up, SS7/C7-based transactions identify, authenticate, and register the subscriber. Before a cellular call can be made, further transactions check that the cellular phone is not stolen (network dependent option) and qualify permission to place the call (for example, the subscriber may be barred from International usage). In addition, the SS7/C7 network tracks the cellular subscriber to allow call delivery, as well as to allow a call that is already in progress to remain connected, even when the subscriber is mobile.

Telco has a location register to track anyone anywhere.
Refer CNET article: Legal spying via the cell phone system

    Only telecom providers are supposed to have access to the location register, but small telcos in the EU are offering online access to it for a fee, mostly to companies using it for marketing data and cost projections, according to DePetrillo.

    "Using previous research on the subject as a starting point, we've developed a way to map these mobile switching center numbers to caller ID information to determine what city and even what part of a city a phone number is in" at any given moment, he said. "I can watch a phone number travel to different mobile switching centers. If I know your phone number, I can track your whereabouts globally."

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