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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Microblogging Rosmah can be an app killer future

We are about to see the rise of micro blogging using phones or using
personal computers (people too lazy to type or just want to broadcast
something important as brief as possible ).

This is ideal when

a) reporting disaster (accident, flood, traffic jam, harsh weather)
b) straight facts or figures (stock, election, percentage)
c) picturing scene via camera phone (crime scene, moving strategy).
d) mass broadcast of a political liability

This broadcasting trend has a potential....
especially if one's channel center (facebook/tweet or whatever)
has a reliable reputation.and integrity.

Imagine if people subscribing to that channel can receive
SMS (or auto feed internet message push) to their phones

Sooner or later someone could write a program to generate
a Buzz automatically (with pictures too!) and tweet instantaneously.

Object -------- Action/Attribute/Happening


teoh beng hock --- death

obama -- basketball accident

sometimes it can be difficult especially someone doing multiple object/words action:

rosmah -- dubai
rosmah -- fly (aeroplane, kite etc)
rosmah -- 600K money dubai
rosmah -- 100K hotel dubai
rosmah -- expenses

Speaking of Rosmah - if you look at the Star newspaper - almost everyday there will be
a picture of Rosmah (in color print) in the first few pages. There is a reason for
Star doing this but it may backfire... because it is already too excessive...
ie the paper has made Rosmah to appear more show stopper (prominent/active/power/important etc)
than Najib,

Look at above photo - which was probably taken from Kroni paper.
Rosmah was photo captured in more focus and in front of Najib.