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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

NewsKini Goals, Strategy and Objectives

Newskini is designed to be the next generation Search Engine
ahead of its time. As such, it explores into sophisticated
algorithm unimaginable by others.

In general NewsKini consists of news, blogs and youtubes with
emphasis on Malaysia Socio Political issues and Latest Tech

The reason is obvious:

1) Tech is a tool or weapon.

2) News/Stories/Blogs Contents are the ammunition

We need to teach/inform the masses the latest tech tools
to grab, manage and disseminate 'relevant' and 'quality'

"And whenever you learn things, teach them to other people.
The more you and others understand the technology that runs the
Internet, the more you'll be able to control it better
than your government." (JM - cikgu virtual aku)

Search Engines such as Google is great but it is too general.
However Google has started to focus in specialise areas
because this thing is a killer.

Google News is an example of the next step taken by Google
to pull and auto-assemble those similiar contents together
into one section called 'Google News'.

Maybe Google is some kind of following NewsKini trend .....
and Yahoo too.

Our next innovation is context analysis. With such
our search engine can now analyse and rank contents quality
based on relevance to the current issues (News) or
Trends (Tech). This will definitely beat Yahoo and Google
combined together..... but we should expect these two
web giants to follow suite our idea.

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